The Chive Superhero Dream Stream (Updated)

The Chive Superhero Dream Stream (Updated)

Updated 4/14/17

Monstrous Family,

We are happy to announce that we survived the Superhero Dream Stream. Not only did we survive, over $24,000 was raised for CHIVE Charities!! Let us run that by you again. MORE THAN $24,000 WAS RAISED and within 24 hours!!

Are you kidding me? Just amazing!! We are so thankful to have been invited to partake in the weekend activities and that we got to play such a small small role in everything. The true credit goes to The Chive, Chive Charities Staff and to all of you that partook in the weekend's festivities. 

We are so proud of everyone who tuned-in and especially those who donated to the cause. There is a special place in Heaven for everyone who gave.

Congrats to all of the winners of the various prizes and a huge congrats to you who took home our xBox One (Pictured Below). Please send us pictures of it when it's all setup so we can add it to this update. 

Brad, our founder, also wanted to personally thank those of you who donated literally hundreds of dollars for him to step off the sidelines and to partake in the final festivities. He’s still stunned that someone would donate just for him to get on camera and to join in and have a blast with the rest of The Chive team.

Here are some of the behind the scene pictures of the weekend event.

The Chive Gaming Super Hero Dream Stream - Chive Charities Skype Call

The Chive Gaming Super Hero Dream Stream - Chive Charities Skype Call

The Chive Gaming Super Hero Dream Stream - Chive Charities Skype Call

The Chive Gaming Super Hero Dream Stream - Chive Charities Skype Call

The Chive Gaming Super Hero Dream Stream - Mac & Rachel Fish Slap!

If there was enough time I think Brad would have tried shipping this back to Omaha.

Brad on John's Scooter

Brad is still blaming his shoes.. I think that's pretty legit! 

We again cannot thank our friends and family at The Chive enough for allowing us to be a part of such a special event and again to everyone who donated. Whether or not you gave $5.00 or $5,000.00 we do not think you truly understand the impact you have on the recipient and their families. The need is real and you showed up in a big way! Thank you!

We have another event in the works so stay tuned!! 

From us to you, Monstrously Chive On!! 

 The Chive's Superhero Dream Stream

On April 8th, the Chive Gaming crew will be live for 24 hours in support of Chive Charities. Brad Monstrous Gear's founder, will be in attendance and maybe making a special guest appearance if he can be coaxed into joining in the fun. Join our campaign, start a team of your own and help  raise up the underdogs. 

Be a hero! You can learn more about Chive Charities and who they help at

Watch the stream live from the Tiltify benefit website here: 

Be Awesome and Win an XBOX ONE!

Super Hero Dream Stream - XBOX ONE

We will be giving away a brand spanking new xBOX One Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition and many other prizes throughout the weekend. Be sure to tune into the Super Hero Dream Stream all weekend to find out how! 

About Chive Charities

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

For those who have lost their voice, Chive Charities provides a megaphone. For those who have lost independence, Chive Charities restores their freedom. For those who have lost all hope... Chive Charities works tirelessly to build them a better future.

Chive Charities is committed to championing the underdogs. Targeting three specific causes: rare medical diagnoses, first responders & veterans, and special education initiatives, Chive Charities spreads awareness through sharing the personal stories of grit, courage, and never giving up.

Visit the Chive Charities website to learn more

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See you all this weekend and please considering GIVING!!