Monstrous.Store, It Begins

Brand has landed

Has it really been 6 years since we decided to slap our Monster on a T-Shirt and sell it to help raise money for a local charity?  

One would think that after dozens of requests for a method for the public to get online and buy one of our shirts we would have gotten off of our butts to build a store for ourselves, you know, being a creative management firm that builds them for Fortune 500s. 

Well, that day is finally here. The first version of the store is now here, our first set of Monstrous Gear is up for sale, our first online order has been processed and shipped and here we are posting our first of many blogs to come. 

It has been a pretty amazing ride on the Monster train but nothing is as exciting as what is to come. We have so much greatness planned it really is hard to even contain it all. 

A huge thanks is in order for our existing Monstrous Family, you make this so much fun. Thanks for helping to share the greatness of our brand. 

Another huge welcome also goes out to the new Monstrous Family members. Really, welcome to the family! Please share the experience with your friends and family. Together we can change the world one Monster smile at at time  


Brad (Founder)