Bowling for D.R.E.A.M. at Big Dream Weekend

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Bowling for D.R.E.A.M. at Big Dream Weekend

Since 2011 Monstrous Gear's sister company Omaha Media Group LLC has been a proud sponsor of DREAM. DREAM provides a life-changing team mentoring approach to at-risk youth in Omaha, NE and Springfield, MO. This proven approach puts children in a comfortable setting where they’re encouraged to discuss, learn and grow as individuals.

Bowling for DREAM - BIG DREAM Weekend

DREAM helps youth achieve more by providing team mentoring, athletic camps, after-school programs and other services to put kids on a path toward a successful future.DREAM is proud to have multiple programs to help area youth and their families.

Each year Monstrous Gear, in partnership with Omaha Media Group, print out unique one-of-a-kind Monstrous Gear shirts and sell them around various sporting events and other area events. After each event the proceeds go into a cash jar and we then donate 100% of the proceeds to DREAM. Yay us! Yay Monstrous Family, but more importantly Yay for DREAM who is doing the real outreach. 

Monstrous Gear - Bowling for Dream

This "Bowling for DREAM" event is one of the coolest events we get to go to and we're happy to show up and teach everyone how to bowl. In reality, we teach everyone how to properly drink. =D  It's a blast, for such a great cause. We had a blast and so did everyone else who joined in the festivities. 

Bowling for Dream

We're Monstrously Proud of DREAM!

Learn more about DREAM from their website