A December to Remember, So Far

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A December to Remember, So Far

What?!?! The middle of the month is here and wow, this month has just come and gone like the wind. Where did the month go? No, where did the year go? Christmas is next week, followed by New Years and it only seems like yesterday we opened the online store.

So here we are, just shy of a month old and we have over 15,000+ Twitter followers, our Instagram is explosive and more and more family is flocking into our beloved Monstrous Family #monstrousfamily. Have we told you all just how much we love you? Especially those of you who are already in our Monstrous Family! Well, we do. A lot.

If you've taken the time to read our about us page then you'll know who we are and what we stand for, all of which is grand. We have come with a purpose, and that purpose will be fulfilled, one Monstrous Family member at a time. With each item from our Monstrous Gear line that is sold, we are able to help more and more of those in need.

As we mentioned earlier, we have so much cool stuff coming up its so hard to just sit on it all. We just want to let it all out of the box, bag, whatever. We flipping can't wait to tell you!

Okay, product wise we have some new gear coming this week!! Stay tuned.

Team Monstrous